Here’s the 3 winners of the Photojojo mugs!

1.) Canon Camera Lens Mug

David López Paz

“There are three things that a great cup of coffee and a great photography have in common: they help you realize the greatest details of a delicate moment, they are beautifully difficult to achieve, and you can never have enough of them!”


2.) Nikon Camera Lens Mug


 Sandra Ir Mindaugas

“Oh Jesus, I cannot stop laughing! A brilliant brilliant idea! Show me the inventor of this fantastic thing, please! 🙂

I bought a long-awaited Nikon camera a year ago and cherish it like a jewel. No one can touch it but me! If I had this mug, I would make a shot with me sipping a milkshake out of it. And then you would hear on the news that 10 to 20 people died due to a shock and 1 due to laughing stroke! 🙂

No, seriously I would take it everywhere I go! It’s an attitude changing thing!”



3.) The Shot Glass Lens Set

 Justin Hwa

“When I first saw this mug, I immediately thought of my dad. My dad has always been a passionate photographer, wholly in love with the art. However, life did not allow him to pursue this dream as a career. Despite all this, he has taken every opportunity to use his talent and passion to be an avid photography hobbiest. He is inspirational to his children, loved ones, and fellow artistic photographers.

If I could win this mug, I would love to give it to him as it would bring him joy through art, photography, and caffeine. Thank you!”


Congratulations to our winners, and thank you Freshome Community for giving us great comments!

Each winner will have 24 hours to contact Freshome at: Admin @ Freshome . com to claim your prize information.