Modern-day bathrooms are meant to be a sanctuary, a place we can go to relax and unwind after a busy day, a room that is calm and peaceful. However, bathtubs are not always as comfortable as we’d like them to be. Dutch designer Thomas Linssen of Studio Thol decided to take a slightly different approach to bathtub design, when he came up with this unusual tub.

To make the bathroom into a space in the house where he would like to be, Linssen approached the products in the bathroom as if they were objects in the living room. He started by making a bathtub, which drew its inspiration from an armchair.

The wooden frame of the chair, which is made from American White Oak, also acts as the mould from which the bathtub was created. The tub itself is made from a composite of polyester and marble.

Linssen explains: “For this project I took the frame of a chair, designed with comfort and posture in mind, and let it evolve into a bathtub. The base of the bath is defined by its oak-wood ‘skeleton’, the composite tub slightly puffs up between the wooden beams, pushed into this shape naturally through water pressure.”

This bathtub looks pretty comfortable to me and I certainly wouldn’t mind taking a soak in it. How about you?