We recently received a delightful furniture set from designer Fabio Vinella, meant to enrich the living space of the owner by constantly reminding him/her of the pleasures of traveling: “A travel give you the possibility to breath a unique atmosphere. You know that you will live a new emotion just taking your suitcase in your cabinet. The designer Fabio Vinella knows  this emotion well, so he decided to design Travel Drawers: a modular combinations of wooden drawers inspired by the old suitcase. Elegant and attractive details give personality to each drawer: leather handle, studs and a warm red coloration inside of the drawers“. The Travel Drawers come in two versions ( tobacco color or warm gray) and three sizes. They can be placed one above the other or spread randomly around the house. Either way, they present an appealing look, enhancing the overall design of the interiors they are placed in. Find them holiday-inspiring?