With lovely views of the Pyrenees Mountains, here is an apartment that inspires comfort and intimacy. Located in Girona, a city in the northeast of Catalonia, Spain, this is a lovely place to get away and enjoy relaxing moments. The two-bedroom apartment found on Micasa showcases a delightful interior design, perfectly suited for its location in a mountain setting. Combining Nordic furniture with vintage accessories and emphasizing on wood finishes, the crib maintains a stylish feel while exuding a cottage-like charm and coziness. The living area is surrounded by inclined walls and windows with a view. The focal point of the room is a fireplace, emitting warmth in an interior that already has plenty. Colorful cushions spread throughout the room seem to invite the inhabitants to randomly take a sit by the fire and surrender to the magical feel of the mountain landscape. What does this place make you dream of?