Lujan House comes from architect Robert M. Gurney and is located in Ocean View, Delaware, USA. The residence is composed of two volumes which vary in height, intersecting to form a passageway, allowing the inhabitants to walk from one part of the house to another. According to the architects, the eastern volume displays sixteen foot high ceilings and contains the public living spaces: “Continuous clerestory windows assist in providing an abundance of natural light into the space, allowing views to the treetops and sky while minimizing the close proximity of the adjacent houses. A twenty foot wide glass wall slides into a pocket, enhancing the relationship to the outdoors, and provides a sense of living in a garden. The two story western volume is comprised of bedrooms and a small second floor living space. A one story glass link connects the volumes and visually opens to the central garden”. The residence occupies a surface of 2400 square feet and was built using “modest” materials such as concrete, oak and plastic laminate. However, the interior design is far from being humble. Have a look!