Hello everyone and hope you guys are having a sunny Saturday, with plenty of week-end cheerfulness to look forward to! Over here it’s been one cold autumn day after another, but not something that a little cozy crib couldn’t handle. For today’s Freshome Design Spotter we’ve decided to fight bad weather and start off with a photo that has potential in doing so.

Situated amongst the trees, on the edge of a delightful beach, this bed inspires sweet relaxation. There is nothing more pleasant than enjoying complete comfort in the middle of a dreamy nature landscape, and this design setting scores high in both coziness and location.

And if outside is rough, why don’t we make the most of the heated space we have? This indoor pool does not occupy a lot of room and seems pretty deep. We like the idea, even thought is looks quite expensive.

Next off, we would like to show you a different type of bed, integrated in an interior that also communicates with nature, even if it does it quite differently. This bedroom is very large in size and instead of common TV furniture, it employs natural stone as support. The idea is interesting to say the least.

What a lovely way to add a warm message to a wall. Even if that message is “STAY”- plenty of scenarios going in my head about the couple living here and their strange habits. But the room looks nice,  admit it.

Bed number three comes from  Vetsch Architektur and their incredible Earth Homes. The furniture below is not just ecological, but also has a strong aesthetic effect. Last, but not least, the strong white-blue color contrast is a very daring and inspiring one.

I’ve been meaning to get a blackboard integrated in my home for some time now, but I guess I was just too lazy to find a proper spot for it. It would probably be smaller than this one, but have drawings on it just as naive.

For those of you in love with traditional decorations, here is a room that abounds in color and creativity.There must be a dozen pillows in this photo, but doesn’t each seem to have its perfect spot and role in this design composition?

Here is a simple and creative idea to hide the wires in your home. Just add a funny red bird and some green leaves and ta-na! the room gets a fresh decorating touch and the annoying wire is no longer as annoying.

I like the way this staircase makes a visual arrow and points towards the ground floor, what I don’t like is that it becomes the focal point of the hallway. This way, the art pieces are not as highlighted as they should be. Love the dog.

This next idea is as cozy as it gets. The limited space is optimized in creating a comfortable seating unit. There is also some space underneath the bench for extra storage. One could use this type of arrangement for a reading corner or simply for relaxation.

This wraps it up for the week. If you enjoyed this display of ideas, or would like to suggest an inspiring room design for the next Freshome Saturday Design Spotter, leave your comments below or drop a line at lavinia@freshome.com.