Thanksgiving has always been a holiday that we associate with bringing out the “good china” or the heirloom decorative seating card holders to convey tradition and personalization. While family traditions can be handed down from generation to generation, there is also the need to start your family’s new traditions. Personalizing your Thanksgiving table can be done with the smallest of handmade seating cards to the full planning out of the decor. Here are tips for setting a personalized table that remembers tradition and embraces making new memories for generations to come.

  • Making guests feel special: Whether you are 5 or 95 don’t we all love personalized touches and feeling special? Place cards or seating cards are the perfect welcoming to your Thanksgiving meal. Simple seating cards placed with a piece of fruit adorning each plate, or creatively cut paper shapes on your favorite china or earthen dinnerware can be perfect. Invite guests well in advance to your Thanksgiving dinner to be able to prepare cards well in advance. Are you considering hosting a get-together where you don’t know everyone’s names? Leave blank cards with a beautiful metallic pen close by, to write guests names as they arrive for the evening.
  • Making the kids feel like family: Let’s face it, Thanksgiving is about family, and younger children can make the occasion memorable for the good… and the bad! This year, consider personalizing the kid’s dinner plates with creative place settings crafts that will entertain and delight the youngest at heart. If you are planning to house many kids, consider a dedicated dinner table just for them. Use brown craft paper over a fabric tablecloth and place crayons beside each plate for kids to doodle on before dinner or while the adults are talking. Make this a memorable holiday for the kids, and keep the adults happy at the same time!
  • Natural decor personalizes the table: While many enjoy buying elaborate Thanksgiving decor accents for the dinner table, simple natural decor made from fruit, twigs, pinecones, gourds, and natural items found in your backyard can make unique table essentials. Do it yourself crafts such as twig pieces glued around votive candles or felt cut into autumn leaves, turkeys, etc… can make for whimsical additions to the dinner table. For a personalized touch, add name cards to each napkin ring, or tie natural raffia, straw, or seagrass around each guest’s chair with a colorful place setting card to each seat. Guests will appreciate the thoughtful gesture, and they can take it home as a favor at the end of the evening.
  • Simplicity can speak wonders: If you prefer a more sophisticated and subdued Thanksgiving get together, consider using simple place cards with high contrast dinnerware to make the cards eye catching.  Personalization can be emphasized through your choice of table linens, dinnerware, flatware, and decor that graces the table. A simple pillar candle surrounded with a gorgeous hurricane glass vase around it and adorned with natural berries and leaves can be the perfect setting for a personalized yet refined Thanksgiving table. Let your personality speak through your choice of decorative additions.

Personalizing your Thanksgiving dinner table has never been so easy with the help of these decorative ideas. Whether you are considering a large get together with family and kids, or a small intimate gathering is more your style, personalized touches will be admired and appreciated by all. If you have a school-aged child, let them make a craft for the table, or if you are handy with a glue gun, put together your own crafted masterpiece. Whether bought or handmade, personalization is all about your personal touches on a special table and your guests. Make this the best Thanksgiving ever!

What personal touches do you plan on adding to your Thanksgiving table this year?