A couple and their two little girls, together with two dogs and three cats, are the happy inhabitants of this fantastic contemporary residence inspired by Japanese architecture. Expecting for neighboring buildings to be built to the east and west of the property, Mizuishi Architects Atelier decided to construct this residence on a north-south axis, allowing the inhabitants to enjoy unobstructed views and natural air to circulate and ventilate the interiors and protecting their privacy at the same time. Covering over 108 square meters, the residence in Tokyo, Japan, got its name – House with Futokoro – from a versatile space used as storage, or extension of the adjacent room, called Futokoro (meaning recess space in Japanese). A centrally located light well right next to the stairs gathers sunlight on the roof and brings it deep into the house, straight down to the kitchen. The wooden structure’s facade is adorned with a lattice screen, allowing the owners to move freely around the spaces without being exposed to indiscreet eyes. As you can see, this was the perfect solution for the given property.