We challenge you to find something wrong with this Scandinavian apartment! Located in Gothenburg, Sweden, this beautiful flat occupies an area of 87 square meters and is composed of three rooms, plus kitchen, bathroom and terrace. Its atmosphere is youthful and friendly, perfect for socializing, but also for relaxation. The core of the flat is a spacious living room, with a very captivating look. The first elements a potential visitor observes when entering this interior, are the two large black and white painting on the wall, in tune with the colors of the bike, a perfect decorating piece as well. There is plenty of seating space available for having guests over, and large windows ensure good natural illumination. The balcony is an extension of the social and dining room and has space for outdoor furniture and flowers. Found on Alvhem, the loft features plenty of inspiring design elements, which we invite you to discover in every single photo of this post.