Architects Marcio Kogan and Mariana Simas of Studio Mk27 designed a 250 square meter retail store in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Awarded the world’s best shopping building at the World Architecture Festival, the Decameron encompasses a low budget building solution for a rented space. The Decameron consists of a double height hangar and several colorful shipping containers arranged to open up to the street and to a pebble garden with palm trees adorning it. Two rows of shipping containers stacked on top of each other and painted in flamboyant colors make up the shell of the store. Placed perpendicular to the main street, the containers were designed to fit the space without interfering with the natural arrangement of trees. Translucent polycarbonate sliding doors open up to the interiors during open hours only to reveal a bold and distinguished interior design.  Studio MK27 created the interior spaces as a sequence of hallways displaying the company’s products, with a large showroom and office spaces. Unique and bold, this project is sure to draw many clients.