Designed by Los Angeles-based studio Techentin Buckingham Architecture, the Los Feliz Residence takes the name of its location – the Loz Feliz neighborhood in Los Angeles, California. The integration of the surrounding landscape was a big part of the architecture, but protection of privacy was even more important. Warren Techentin, the lead architects for this project, built the fascinating dark-cladded residence with vivid green windows framing the foliage transformation throughout the seasons. The description of this beautiful residence explains the architect’s choices: “The house is built on a submerged rock out-cropping, placing the main floor of the house directly at the level of the surrounding tree canopies and the upper level overlooking the neighborhood canopy to the city beyond. But the proximity of the neighboring houses made large openings problematic. Instead, analogous to Dutch theories of “dry” design, diagrammatic form and materiality were used to segment the life of the home into discrete ‘performative boxes’ casually riddled with windows.” The addition of a third floor made the home more spacious. The 3,000 square foot floor plan includes living, entertaining and private spaces built on the base of the former house. By implementing sustainable systems and traditional methods of natural cooling, the residence now features inviting interior and exterior spaces and a beautiful display of art.