Shore Vista Boat Dock was designed by Bercy Chen Studio, an architecture and urban planning firm, based in Austin, Texas, USA. Located on a bend in Lake Austin across from Canyonland Nature Preserve, the new boat dock not only has a functional purpose, but also serves as a relaxation scene for the travelers who reach the area. Its elliptical shape –  a very practical feature- is said to be inspired by the characteristics of the site. According  to the architects, the form of the construction “maximizes the beautiful views of the undulating hills beyond. The rounded edges of the dock peel away, allowing more of the landscape to be captured into the visual frame.” The overall design of the dock is quite appealing, even though some elements are not adapted to the environment, making the project a bit foreign to this beautiful and natural landscape. There are plenty of chairs available for relaxing moments and a spiral-shaped stairway directs the visitors towards the upper level of the dock. How would you comment on the design of this project?