Hello, everyone! For this week’s Freshome Design Spotter, we would like to present some special photos that got plenty of attention on our Facebook page. In fact, they were so appreciated, that we just had to feature them on the site too, for everyone to see and comment.

We will begin with a visually stunning home and yacht combo that will probably relate to all the luxury fans out there. We featured this photo on Facebook here and find it really cool to have a residence with access to both water and road. We were also expecting a giant car to be integrated in the landscape. Oh, well, maybe next time.

Here is a home that resembles one of those decorative stone fountains most of you out there probably saw or even used in your home decor. The lavish design of this pool make it seem sprung out from a children’s story book, yet having a strong appeal on both kids and adults.

Let’s change the tone and enjoy this peaceful and cozy bed hung from a traditional ceiling. It’s a pity the actual mechanism can not be entirely observed, but the idea is great and worth improvising around it. Featured this photo on Facebook here.

Take your time and read this next message until the end, as it is really, really nice. Of course, not many people would go for an idea like this, which is why we find the photo quite daring and not to mention original.

A generous interior painted in light turquoise, with a fireplace descending from the ceiling and a rug displaying a skeleton head? It may sound crazy, but you have to admit the photo below is nothing but boring. It may look strange for some, but at least it is very well defined and not at all common.

Do you like your books in bed? Then have a look at this amazing design below and let your mind drift away in great literature. Or just keep your brain occupied with matters of science. Either way, the arrangements are perfect for enjoying every book to the fullest.

alk about practical solutions for kids’ rooms! This miniature interior has everything it needs, from plenty of storage space to a cool wallpaper and comfy bed. When we posted this photo on Facebook, we have plenty of “pro” opinions, but also people who found this idea a bit too optimized. What do you think?

Here is a door that slides a bit differently. Witty and aesthetically pleasing, this idea would go great in a minimalist home where optimizing the indoor-outdoor connection is an important focus point.

Not many people like their bathroom and bedroom combined. But perhaps this next picture will change some negative attitudes. This is definitely not an interior for the shy. But you have to admit it is very interesting.

How do you feel about large, traditional mirrors next to your bathtub? This next interior harmoniously places them together, and to top it all- literally, adds a traditional chandelier. Sure, people may have problems keeping the mirror clean at all times, but all in all, the arrangement is original and intriguing.

This wraps it up for the week. If you enjoyed this display of ideas, or would like to suggest an inspiring room design for the next Freshome Saturday Design Spotter, leave your comments below or drop a line at lavinia@freshome.com.