Italian designer Riccardo Giovanetti developed a pavilion in an exhibition space for the Russian door company Sofia. Its design is original and daring, which is why we decided to share it further. According to the architects, “the project arises from the desire to create a direct relationship between the architectural form of the exhibition space with the form of the company’s logo. Architecturally, the pavilion was conceived with a single element, repeated to create a hanging structure and a circular exhibition space, which allows light and air to pass through. The construction of the pavilion has been studied in order to give the elements the appearance of being blown in the wind and thanks to gravity each element returns to it’s original position.The elements are made from high-density expanded polystyrene, a lightweight, compact and completely recyclable material. The final effect of the structure is impressive: a large white space of curvilinear shapes that float in the air embracing their inner environment“. Do you believe this type of pavilion design would draw your attention in an exhibition area?