Dutch NL Architects recently completed “Blok K”, a building that is included in a larger project of 500 dwellings and a park, by Frits van Dongen of de Architecten cie. The triangular site for this massive project is located in the recently redeveloped harbor area in the East of Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Blok K is one of the three square block on the site, and has 2,5 floors. Its twisted shape is highly original and at the same time, functional: “To create space within the masterplan this volume is deformed and redistributed, pushed away as much as possible from the adjacent volumes. within the orthogonal grid a diagonal vista opens up. The design tool deployed for this operation is the slight rotation of the aisle, orienting it onto two open spaces between the blocks, instead of ‘two’ blind walls and as  such providing a public shortcut“- stated the architects. The curved roof of the building allows natural light inside and becomes a place of relaxation for the inhabitants.