As children we all have a few toys that mean a lot to us, that we take everywhere with us and that we can’t bear to be without. Many little kids form very strong attachments with their toys and even hang on to them through to adulthood. But there comes a point in all our lives where we outgrow these bonds and our treasured toys no longer play an important role in our lives. However, whilst we no longer need our toys, they still hold many treasured memories for us. What if we could find a way to transform our beloved childhood toys into useful and functional objects that we can make use of as adults?

Evil Robot Designs is the brainchild of EViL ED and Dan Robotic, an entrepreneurial duo that have taken it upon themselves to change the fate of all those cherished toys that we grow out of. Using only toys, they sculpt stunning lamps that are given a striking high gloss finish. Featuring action figures from some of the most popular cartoons and movies, including The Matrix, Thunderbirds, Shrek, Star Wars, He-Man and Spiderman, these eclectic lamps harbour years’ worth of memories that can be proudly displayed in our adult homes.

The collection of bespoke lamps includes four standard models: Matrix Black; White Witch; Pixar Black; and Super Red. However, it is possible to commission your own individual lamp using your personal childhood toys.

If you were going to commission your own lamp, what toys would it feature? What were your favourite toys as a kid? And what do you think of this idea?