The Tahoe Ridge House was designed by studio WA Design Inc and is located in Tahoe Donner, 15 miles from Lake Tahoe, California, USA. The brief of the project involved the creation of a contemporary building strongly rooted in the Tahoe area. According to the architects, the design of the project naturally derived from the characteristics of the region: “Vernacular mining and stamp mill buildings in the Tahoe area inspired the design of this home. All movement of material within the mill was achieved by gravity hence the structures are characteristically elongated vertically.Significant mountain vistas quickly became a key design consideration. Views of the mountains of Nevada to the north, to Tinker’s knob and the Sierra Crest to the south, needed to be revealed. These criteria resulted in a floor plan that sprawls along two orthogonal axes and ascends vertically to the north to the study and master bedroom. The experience of flow along the axes is enhanced by a clear rhythm of 10” x 10” recycled Douglas fir structural posts that tie in with the roof framing above“. Don’t you just love this home, especially integrated in a winter setting?