This versatile lighting system can become your favorite if you give it a chance. The Ledge Hanging Lamp comes from designer Tim Wigmore, who has created the sleek lamp as a means to remind us how modern society can reuse and reshape scrap materials into fantastic new objects. A recycled aluminum frame hold the contemporary lamp together, creating a unique display of light that can be placed on the wall, in a corner of the room, used as a desk or table lamp or hanging above the reading corner, the dining table or maybe the office space. It is all up to you how you use it, because the design leaves you with multiple possibilities. Here are a few words from the designer: “The recycled aluminium framework of the Ledge Lamp highlights random and colourful scraps of signage and contrasts them with a context of sleek refinement. The Ledge Lamp is intended to be flexible. Its design encourages the user to explore different possibilities in the way it is used – a wall shelf/lightbox, a corner lamp, table lamp or pendant lamp. The Ledge Lamp helps alter our perception of the old and unloved, whilst empowering us to be bold and playful.