Perched on a steep sloping terrain in Guatemala City, Vistas del Angel residence captures exceptional views of the surroundings while resting on concrete piles poured into the unstable terrain. The cantilevering residential building was designed in three phases, making sure that the home will be able to sustain its own weight in the seismically active area. Constructing the imposing contemporary house necessitated light gauge steel sandwich panel walls, but extensive use of glazed windows still frame green stretches of land all the way down to the valley underneath. Interior spaces were designed to comfort and entice inhabitants and guests alike. A series of wooden decks connect the land to the entrance, creating the adventurous feeling of balancing to reach a comfortable suite of rooms. Terraces offer unequalled open-air experiences and construct a fascinating and soothing connection to the freeing outdoors. Designed by Juan Lacape of modern design practice LAKP, Vistas del Angel can be described as the essence of modern habitat.