Connecticut Pool House is a lovely home located in Litchfield County, Connecticut, USA and designed by New York City-based studio Resolution: 4 Architecture (Res4). Here is a short description from the architects: “Located in a natural clearing within a wooded hillside of northwestern CT, this watering hole serves as a sustainable entertainment and relaxation center from the hectic urban existence, a place to go from always being “on”, to actually shutting “off” for a bit – a place to simply chill out. The 16 x 52 module contains a sleeping zone at one end of the module, and a food prep / consumption / digestion zone at the other. In between sits a recycled black-steel core, a volume containing the bathroom, steam shower, laundry, storage, and a heat-generating fireplace.  Although ‘floating’ in the middle of the space and not connected to a perimeter wall, the core is filled with natural light from a skylight above and frosted glass pocket doors; an outdoor shower brought indoors”. More sustainable features of this home include a high-performance flash-n-batt insulation system, natural ventilation and evaporative cooling.