Dedicating itself to the well-being of its owners, this beautiful home in Eceira, Portugal, was designed by Monica Penaguião of Poeira Interior Design with offices in Lisbon and Rio de Janeiro. Gathering elegance and exuberance under one roof, this home is filled with a bold collection of color palettes that bring out the best in its space arrangement. Patterns intertwine and materials collide in a sustained and successful effort to bring life into all the spaces. Colorful furniture and carefully chosen decorative pieces are displayed as bold punctuation marks. The white and velvet blue living room features several colorful glass decorations that brighten up the space and make it more homey and a pure white coffee table sinuously adorns the  center of the room. A wood and glass staircase leads up to the next floor, where the two beautifully decorated bedrooms invite family and guests to enjoy their bright and cheery interiors. Found on Flodeau, the home can be admired in the photos below. Enjoy!