“Melting Point” is the latest addition to Prestige Group‘s portfolio, a domestic furniture design and manufacturing firm in North Cyprus. Designed by Erhan Afsaroglu, this tv unit is inspired by a drop of water before it falls from a surface. It demonstrates a skillful construction method using LG Hi-macs to create a smooth piece with seamless joints. With its minimalist yet futuristic design, it promotes a combination of semi-open and enclosed shelving. As the piece on the bottom part curves spontaneously, it forms spaces for magazines, dvds and tv equipment. The entire unit is fixed to the wall and therefore creates a floating effect. This is magnified by the use of LED lighting which is embedded behind. The top unit measures 81x130x20cm, while the bottom unit measures 297x30x45cm. These dimensions create a piece which is not only functional, but also an eye catching central feature perfect for a living space. [Photos and information courtesy of Erhan Afsaroglu]