Hello everyone and welcome to this week’s Saturday Design Spotter, our way of bringing you even closer to the home of your dreams. We will begin with this lovely and sophisticated bathroom decor, meant to tickle your senses. So what if this photo was actually taken in a villa resort? The important thing is that anyone can decorate their tub with rejuvenating flowers and turn a regular bath into a relaxing experience.

This truly mesmerizing “Maine Shoreline” room was designed by Annie. The interior is crazy, yet fun and inspiring. There isn’t a single element in the room that can be referred to as “common”. And did you notice the blue knitted rug?

Are you a fond of immaculate rooms? Then this interior photographed by Lincoln Barbour for designer Jessica Helgerson should relate to you. White inclined walls, flower arrangements and an overall minimalist design make this room truly captivating.

Next off, we have a living room that book lovers will certainly enjoy. A horizontal bookshelf defines the interior, while a wooden wall and staircase accentuate the warmth this room inspires.

If you like of idea of an airplane crashing into the meeting room in the middle of an argument, here is the next best thing. We like this giant wallpaper that inspires dynamism and brings some life into an otherwise dull office interior.

We like to call these unusual architecture additions, “smart pillars”. But they are not only clever (supporting a home that was built on a pretty challenging site), but also aesthetic and original. In case you are wondering what’s with the huge wooden rectangular shape on the wall, it is the back of a room on the upper level. Cool, right?

We really liked the overall atmosphere this room below inspires. Floor to ceiling windows, a curved sofa set and a fireplace descending from the ceiling make the interior very friendly. The photo was taken in a remarkable modern residence in Australia.

If transparent bedrooms are your thing, here is an idea for an interesting wall or sliding door. Made entirely out of glass, the design is perfect for a bedroom that is minimalist and worth showing off to all the visitors. We featured this a while back on Freshome here.

This intriguing traditional room is literally filled up with suitcases. The photo belongs to Italian photographer Sergio Ghetti and we love it because it is genuine and inspiring for those of you out there who appreciate vintage interiors.

This next idea might get you a bit puzzled. Take a good look at the photo… It is not a wallpaper, but a real pool outside the room, with a swimmer. See more revealing information about the fascinating home where the picture was taken here. Tell us if you enjoyed the decors presented today and tune in next week for some more captivating designs!