New York City is one of the world’s most exciting place to own an apartment. All the agitation, the background noise, the excitement of living in Big Apple should be doubled by a quiet, comfortable place to come home to. This Central Park Home hovering above the city’s skyline could be the answer. A distinct contemporary elegance is what defines this New York residential space. The apartment offers its inhabitants a relaxed lifestyle, surrounded by soft, warm colors, extensive use of wood and always linking the interiors to the city through large windows in every room. The children’s room features insertions of a bold green, but the rest of the spaces display a relaxing color palette. Shawn Henderson Interior Design is behind this beautiful project, helping the owners construct the perfect dream home. Designed to correspond to the client’s needs and wishes, the apartment relates to the city through large floor-to-ceiling windows that bring the external dynamism inside and allows natural light to flood the interiors.