The colors in your home that bring you joy, evokes drama, or plays with the emotions of guests who visit your home, are largely due to the color palette you choose. Color palettes help you choose colors based on how you’d like to feel in your space, and what ambiance you want to create for inhabitants in your home. Whether you choose colors based from nature, or you choose high contrast colors that make your home feel cosmopolitan and modern, there is a complementing palette for your home. Look at these color ideas to help you decide what best describes you and your family home, you may be surprised what you are attracted to.

Atmosphere inspired color palette: Designers have different techniques for choosing colors for your home, and the idea behind them varies with the designer. Many like to use color palettes that remind you of a specific atmosphere in which you enjoy. Light blues, greens and neutrals remind humans of nature, and the outdoors. While an atmosphere of rich plums, reds, and purples can remind you of deep emotion such as love, intense feelings and cultural backgrounds. Choose a color palette that you can relate with its atmospheric qualities. Try bringing a paint fan deck home and holding the colors up to your wall, you may like how a playful tangerine and yellow combination makes you feel happy and jubilant!

Experience inspired color palette: Remember that backpacking hike you took last fall as the trees were changing from deep hunter green to golden yellows and bright reds? The accent wall in your dining room may look beautiful with yellow and red combo. Infusing your home with inspiring color palettes that remind you of past vacations, like combining aqua blues and Caribbean coral accents, maybe just the color palette combination to transport you back to the experience.  Consider adding a third color as a neutral to balance the bold colors, or to enhance soft color palette pairings.  Not sure what experience to choose from? Go through pictures of your last vacation, nature hike, or family get-together to help the memories of color flood back to your senses.

Color palettes for the undecided:  While a blast of color maybe up your alley, for others, defining a set color palette is difficult. How about using neutral colors in tones of brown, gray, white, black, and variations of all of these? A neutral color palette helps your home look timeless, plus it usually makes your space look larger without chopping up what the eye sees.  When using neutral colors, also consider pairing up color with varying patterns, textures, and mix and match saturation of neutral colors. While bold color may not be for you, neutral colors are a great alternative to boring white. Neutral colors are perfect for trying to sell your home, as well as multiple roommates that can’t decide on one design style.

Creating interiors with complementing colors can often be a challenge. Some colors you may like in someone else’s home, but don’t fit yours. Consider looking around your home and see where your interests are. Perusing through your closets may give you a sense of what colors look good on you, and what colors you like to see around you. Take a look out the windows of your home; color palettes that blend well with your immediate surroundings may take the guesswork out of choosing.

Deep greens, blues, and brown may work beautiful in a mountain home, or bold reds, blacks, and whites may contrast a high-rise urban loft beautifully. Find your personal connection with your interiors with these ideas, and find a complimenting color palette that matches seamlessly. Freshome readers what color palettes do you enjoy in your home?