The need for more space does not necessarily require a small residence. Managing to blend different functions in the same piece of furniture shows how versatility has become an important feature for modern furniture items. Christian Lessing‘s Collecteur is one of those objects that encompasses both a piece of furniture and a storage system, making the surroundings more spacious by implementing a double function. Part filing system, part stool, this industrial-looking piece of furniture/storage can elegantly display magazines while offering you or your guests a comfortable surface to rest or sit on while putting on shoes.

The fun part about this stool is that is grows in height depending on the amount of magazines stacked underneath the seating unit. This modern solution for storing newspapers or magazines can do even more for you – place a tray on top and you have a modern side table prepared to become a stool if needed. Two sliding pieces of metal make this possible – they can rise between 28 cm and 52 cm. The white or grey painted steel with removable cushion will help you save space and adorn your home at the same time.  The German designer based in Dusseldorf has been working on many interesting pieces, but this versatile furniture/storage item caught our attention.