Decorative items should match the interiors and with this simple idea in mind, Japanese designer Yukihiro Kaneuchi created an inspiring set of decorative items for modern homes. These words from the designer can best describe the collection: “Taking inspiration from the game ‘Bou-Taoshi’, I’ve created a series of vases made of sand and resin. The game is simple. First, players make a heap of sand and place a pole in the centre. Then each player takes turns removing sand, the one who causes the pole to fall loses. With its primitive element of creation and destruction, this game has been played for centuries. Here, the pole is transformed to a glass tube – time stopped with resin. The shape nears collapse, bringing a tension and delicate beauty to the flower.” The Sand Vase found on Esprit Desing Blog can elegantly display flowers in a sequence of transparent tubes encased by the sand/resin composite. Look no further, because this impressive simplicity can surprise you with its dominating effect  – a play of natural colors captured in a unique vase. Use one vase or the whole range – small, medium or large sizes – to create a contemporary display. Where would you find the perfect place for the Sand Vase Collection?