We received photos and information of an inspiring small apartment located in Sofia, Bulgaria. Here is the description we were sent: “Petya Gancheva designs this small city apartment for a young couple to enjoy their time home relaxing or with lot of friends, as often happens. In this one –bedroom home the geometric style has the emphasis to make the spaces look not too busy but providing the necessary furniture and storage spaces at the same time. We always like to think we don’t have that much stuff, but we really do! The colors are in the white – grey tonality to help the rooms to look more open. To make it vivid, there comes the purple accent in some wall and ceiling parts, the kitchen furniture end the wall graphics. The tiny bedroom has the most minimal look, containing only bed, wardrobe and the U2 song Beautiful Day, represented on the custom made wallpaper. A good start for the day is having this full with energy text in front of your eyes! On the living room wall is Frank Sinatra with his New York, New York to invite the spirit of the city life in this space where busy evenings and weekends are taking part”.