If you are like most homeowners you change the temperature on your thermostat at least 1500 times a year, and your home probably hasn’t saved more energy in the process. What do you get when you take innovative technology from an ex-Apple employee and combine lifestyle customization and your fingertips? The Nest Learning Thermostat, the sexiest and smartest thermostat that you’ve ever seen. This isn’t your grandmother’s thermostat!

How it works:  Imagine a thermostat that learns the lifestyle of your family in a week. From when you go to bed, to when you go the office, the Nest Learning Thermostat learns your habits and programs itself. Yes, itself.  This not only saves you from changing your thermostat multiple times a day, but helps your home save energy… very smart.

Activity, light, and touch sensors learn from you and your home. A combination of sensors and algorithms work together to build a unique thermostat that changes as your home does, without having to reprogram it.


How it looks: In one word, sexy! Remember how you fell in love with the sleekness of the iPhone when it first came out? Well take that vision and apply it your thermostat. Yep, the gorgeous interface, combined with the touch sensitive controls makes it easy to use.

Simplicity and ingenuity:  As if the Nest’s unique features weren’t enough, how about controlling it through your smartphone, tablet or desktop computer? The Nest uses a WiFi and Internet connection to control settings from a remote location. Whether you are on vacation, have a second home, or want to check the weather; the Nest Learning Thermostat does it all.