Rebekka Guenther Ferbrache, also referred to as Jadeflower (name of her blog), created an unusual looking teapot shaped like a police public call box. According to the designer, “this fully-functioning stoneware teapot is made entirely from scratch – no molds or pre-made components are used. The handle and spout are added after the main body of the teapot is built. The handle is solid and substantial.” TARDIS teapot takes after the famous time machine and spacecraft from the British science fiction television “Doctor Who”. But you don’t necessarily have to be a fan of sci fi to enjoy this cute ceramic design. Perfect for any kitchen with a personality, the product adds color and spices up relaxing tea moments between friends. We find it playfully-creative and are looking forward to seeing your reactions as well. The teapot can be purchased online at Etsy, for $98.