Capturing the essence of privacy and comfort, the Karlusic Residence was built around a 30 year old Japanese Maple in the front yard. This beautiful tree guided the architecture from many points of view – the front facade was finished in a light warm grey lime wash that accentuated the shape and color of the tree, the two slotted windows were designed to capture views of the Maple and even the whole spine of the structure is oriented according to the Japanese Maple’s position.

The front yard display a beautiful play of contrasts – the cladded volume, the Maple tree and a series of landscaped areas “such as the textured water wall along the steps towards the front entry, a shallow reflective pond with Gold fish and turtles, segmented raised platforms with each platform holding a different form of plant-life, and with the middle platform holding sand with a 3mx.6m old solid wood pier beam that was recycled from the docklands piers.” The hidden garage door in the back has a natural zinc finish, matching the rest of the natural stone facade. An internal courtyard with a lap pool is flanked by the large windows of the ground floor on one side and a line of bamboo on the other. Splendid interiors shelter living spaces on the ground floor and private room on the upper level. Located in Melbourne, Australia, the Karlusic Residence was designed by Hirsch Bedner Associates.