Cleverly designed, this 87 square meter Penthouse Apartment in Malmo, Sweden has an ingenious floor plan with plenty of space for a black and orange kitchen from Vedum, a bright and artistic dining space and a spacious living area created as one seamless space. Wrapping itself around half of the penthouse apartment, a rooftop terrace is accessible both from the living room and from the main bedroom. An outdoor Jacuzzi outside the master bedroom describes the luxuriously comfortable life this penthouse apartment promises. The white sofa, rug and walls in the living room are enriched by the use of warm smoked oak floors and wooden furniture.

Here, a built-in TV screen gives the inhabitant the choice of enjoying a thrilling evening in the company of movie stars or watch a game alongside friends. A built-in fireplace from Safretti discretely adorns the wall leading to the dining space. This private bedroom is slightly raised in relation to the living room, creating a floating effect with the help of fluffy carpeting. Plenty of light is invited inside the master bedroom through large windows and the adjacent walk-in-closet receives natural light through two round windows that add character and playfully bounce light in the mirrored closet doors. If this was your next home, what would you change?