Japanese studio Takehiko Nez Architects created an interesting play of light and volumes when designing the extension to an existing hair salon in Yamanashi, Japan. Called Vision, the modern hair salon sits at the confluence of past and future, displaying a welcoming glass front facade. This allows a clear view of daily employee-client interaction while exploring an interesting architectural set of design lines. By allowing full visibility towards the modernly designed interiors, the hair salon is a much more inviting commercial space now that a fascinating glass facade draws curious passers-by. Long and elegant curtains manipulate the amount of natural light needed for the interiors in different times of the day. This exposure facade faces a parking lot, while the existing building and the addition have a garden in between. An underground shampoo space links the existing building to the extension, creating a logical and modern path for clients moving from one part of the hair salon to the other. Transparency seems to have been the main goal of the addition, setting new standards for the daily routine of the Japanese hair salon.