Two Row Houses is a contemporary architecture project belonging to Luxembourg-city-based studio Metaform and located in the village of Goeblange, southern Luxembourg. According to the architects, “the complex construction is based on a traditional frame with rafters and sheathing and a metal construction that is used to attach the fiber cement roofing panels. The circulation space and the way the house has been divided starts with the glass slab on the first floor. It helps light penetrate from skylights down to the entrance in the ground floor. Thus the disadvantage of an unfavorable luminosity due to the significant depth of 15m construction is removed. The house is flooded with these skylights that are beaming from underneath in the evening and consequently avoids the use of prominent luminaries. A large glass aperture (10x3m) characterizes the interest brought to the outside light and landscape and tries to remove the physical boundaries of the house.” With a contemporary and minimalist design, floor to ceiling windows and access to a lovely green yard with pond, this place is captivating to say the least.