An exclusive residence that offers exceptional displays of shadows, volumes and curves rises dressed in black villar granite stone that plays with colored light at night. 1001 Nights House – a name as powerful as its inspiration and architecture – describes how the concept was transformed into a swanky residential development. The interiors spread over 2,100 square meters.  The outside furniture by the pool is part of the Rest collection by A-cero In.

Well-known A-Cero Architects describe their latest project: “The access, through the development walkway, is placed on a higher level. Here is the property, partially hidden by many curved walls that seem to elevate from some water sheets over a stone covering in white, grey and black shades, placed on purpose as a part of the landscape in this area of the plot. Besides its sculptural features, typical of the A-cero style, this side of the facade expects the integration of the building in the surrounding environment. A wide stone path, with water sheets on both sides, lead us to a huge black glass door that gives us access inside the property. In the garden, following the wishes of the owners, there are palms, pome granate trees and Middle East vegetation.” The 7,000 square meter property looks more as an artistic contemporary palace/fortress than a house. Still, don’t you wish you could admire the 1001 Nights House each time you come home?