Hope you guys are having a lovely Saturday. To make things even better, here is another selection of inspiring decors for this week’s Freshome Design Spotter. Since autumn is seriously asking for its rights, we will begin with this lovely interior enhanced by a colorful leaf wallpaper and photographed by David Christensen.

Next off, a beautiful white interior, gracefully decorated by Magdalena Keck and belonging to a stylish apartment in New York. A central coffee table with an original golden base adds originality and sophistication, without overcrowding the room.

Still paying tribute to white, but completely changing the feel of the room, here is an interior that can be characterized as futuristic. A generous plasma TV and a modern fireplace descending from the ceiling, make this a home for sci-fi movie lovers. The photo was taken inside Moebius House designed by Tony Owen Partners and located in Sydney, Australia. You can see more from the project here.

How do you like concrete interiors? Yes, you are right, they are cold and sober. But we have a just the picture to prove you wrong. The Concrete House was designed by BAK Architects and has a lovely open plan living room with concrete walls, which we find quite inspiring. Very suited for those who want to keep their decor serious, yet cozy.

If you like rainbow colors in your home, here is the next best thing. A colorful wallpaper to boost the spirits of any home, provided it is used tastefully. Photographed by Simon Eldon, this interior is vivid and quite appealing.

People pay little attention to ceilings. Here is an interior that transforms this area into the focal point of the room. Featuring black rectangular shapes with white margins, the ceiling becomes an important design feature. We featured this Spanish home by A.F. Abeijón-Fernandez Arquitectos here.

Sustaining pillars can sometimes be used as cool decorating items. Don’t believe us? Just check out the photo below, taken in a luxurious tree house, designed by RPA Architects.

Our seventh pick for today is an interior displaying a creative shelving system. We like the fact that flowers are mixed with various object. This way, the whole rooms gets a green and dynamic feel. More on this lovely apartment here.

What a lovely way to mix colors and add a playful touch to a corner. It is usually tough for two wallpapers, each with a well define pattern, to be combined in a tasteful manner, but it this case, the designer did an amazing job.

We would like to end this post with a beautiful bedroom, which stands out due to a floor to ceiling window and a pretty wooden ladder. The style is minimalist, but highly captivating. Want to find out more about this lovely room? Check out this post here and don’t forget to tune in next week for another round of quality design spotting!