There is no warmer feeling than sitting at the table with friends and family, while the crisp autumn air breezes outside, and you enjoy a memorable dinner. Autumn is that time of year before the hustle and bustle of the holidays, where you can enjoy the togetherness of entertaining, especially at your dining room table. Autumn centerpieces are a perfect way to brighten your festive dining table, as well as warm the house with eye-catching fall color, even when the table isn’t occupied. For ideas for bringing fall inspiration to your dining room table, look at these inspiring ideas.

  • Celebrate with nature:  Some of the prettiest centerpiece ideas aren’t manufactured or made by a machine, but rather delivered straight from nature. Colorful pumpkins in orange, green and even white varieties are beautiful on their own, or painted with shimmering gold or silver accents. Gourds, berries, and nuts in complimenting vases and votive glass containers are the perfect addition to your autumn dinner table. For an edible centerpiece, consider housing bowls of fresh apples along side nuts for cracking and other edible tidbits to delight the nibbling guest!
  •  Illuminate with flowers and candles: Once the temperatures start dropping, the focus is on heading inside with the warmth of a welcoming meal, especially along side illuminating candles and flowers. Floating votive candles around a bouquet of autumn inspired flowers can be the final touch to a well-set table. Sunflowers, leaves, branches with colorful magnolia leaves or a bouquet of your florists seasonal varieties will compliment your autumn colored table linen and dinnerware. Coordinate your guest’s place cards, and napkins with unique pieces of the centerpiece. What guest wouldn’t love getting their own flower gracing their plate?
  • Create a scene at the buffet table: If you are having a buffet style meal for your guests, ensure the buffet table compliments the beautiful centerpiece of the dining room table. The buffet table or sideboard is a perfect spot to showcase taller vases, apothecary jars, and glass containers for display and for function. Mix flowers, fruit, nuts, leaves, and even pictures coordinating with the theme of your dining occasion. Use tall containers with lids for display items, while keeping others open for easy access for your guests. While the food will be the main showcase of the buffet table, mimicking your dining table autumn centerpiece will unify the entire dining experience.
  • Faux can be beautiful: While live flowers can be a treat, many guests prefer non-scented centerpieces. Whether due to allergies, or the competition of aromas between the food, candles, and flowers, often times faux varieties are a better idea for the dining table. If you decide to use faux floral arrangements, choose high quality silk flowers for a more authentic and believable display.  Choose coordinating candle colors and intertwine different textures within your arrangement. Baskets, straw, branches, and other decorative floral accents will make your faux arrangement look just as good as the real thing!

Autumn is finally here and who can resist the urge to have guests over throughout the season? Your dining room table centerpiece can be made easily with these helpful ideas, and can be kept throughout the season depending on what decorative items you choose. For real fruit, vegetable displays, ensure you rotate them throughout the season, and keep cool and dry to prevent premature spoiling. Whether you choose real or faux, warm your autumn dining table with colorful inspiration that you and your guests will enjoy.