It is a real treat for photographers to capture panoramic images of various natural or urban landscapes. But what if you could catch a spherical panorama of a place? Jonas Pfeil came up with a design that will probably make you sigh. The Throwable Panoramic Ball Camera uses 36 two-megapixel cell phone camera modules spread around the surface of a cute ball in order to photograph full 360-degree panoramas. Hoe does it work? The user throws the ball into the air, and when the camera reaches its highest point, it automatically triggers. This is possible due to an integrated  accelerometer that calculates the climax of flight, allowing the exposure to be provoked. By taking 36 photos at the same time, the spherical image will not suffer any disturbances, which is sometimes the case with stitching photo panoramas. Careful not to drop it, though. Have a look at the video below to see this lovely creation on a roll!