We really like these tiny planter stools, inspiring the idea that plants can get tired too. The cute decorative items are called Safari Planters and were designed by Kenneth Cobonpue for Hive. Here is the official description from the the company manufacturing the products: “Raised on boxy legs and punctuated with subtle curves, there’s an undeniable character to these planters by Kenneth Cobonpue. The “Safari” has a charm which lies in its understated silhouette that complements any plant set into it. Cast into tall “giraffe” and petite “hedgehog” molds with naturally crushed stones, these planters add a touch of slow-strolling whimsy to any garden setting. The planters come in natural, terracotta, gray and black shades, and range from low small, low large to tall small and tall large sizes“. Sweet, practical, and of great aesthetic effect.