Today, a fascinating residence designed by Seinfeld Arquitectos  – Casa AR – will enchant your eyes and fuel your passion for modern architecture. The house uses the classic space arrangement – ground floor for social areas and upstairs for bedrooms, but surprises with the use of geometry and building materials. Using the least amount of structural support, architects built the house on a 816 square meter plot. Extensive use of glass on both the interior and exterior enhances the inhabitant’s needs for bright natural light and a permanent visual connection to the outside world.

Glass can be found in many forms throughout the house: large windows, skylights, glass railings on the staircase, glass walls for the study area and glass details on the furniture. In order to offer some support to the structure, the architects designed concrete beams on the second level which beautifully match the lines of the skylight structure. The central staircase connects the first floor to the second double-height ceiling floor with an elegant approach that accentuates the flow of light. Located in the San Isidro district of Lima, Peru, the boldly designed modern home must have at least one detail that you fell in love with – share it with us!