The mesmerizing Under Pohutukawa Residence was designed by Auckland-based studio Herbst Architects and is a two story beach house located in northern New Zealand. Its design was built in strong connection to the local landscape, composed of impressive Pohutukawa trees, which occupy 90%of the site’s area. The house is spectacular, both inside and out, mixing nature with comfort in a tasteful and highly inspiring fashion. Under Pohutukawa was distinguished with the NZIA Auckland architecture award 2011, with the following arguments from the jury: “This bach is nestled exquisitely under and around a dense Pohutukawa grove near the beach. The architecture takes inspiration and form from the trees, yet is self assured and confident within such a rich environment. Beautifully detailed, using the finest materials, this is an open and relaxed pavilion that encourages its inhabitants to dwell luxuriously beneath the canopy.” [Photography: Patrick Reynolds]