Khadakvasla House was designed by Mumbai-based studio Spasm Design Architects and is located in Pune city, Maharashtra, India. Here is a short project description from the architects: “In the vast openness of the surroundings, it made sense to trap a mysterious forest of dense green by stringing the rooms around it, as a Shangri-La against the infinite. This courtyard allows for a private dip in the thicket of the lush vegetation. The verandah, with its timber lattice, sets a backdrop that negotiates between the enclosures and the central courtyard. This transitional space op dappled shade promotes a lifestyle in close connection with the outdoors. The living room, a counterpoint in the house, is a tall glass box which will throb with the flickering of the fireplace on cold evenings and will frame the changing hues of the sky as the sun sets.” Have a look at the photos below and tell us your opinion on this modern (Indian!) home.