Ana Hernández Palacios of studio Masque Spacio designed the office for Lexington Avenue Agency in Valencia, displaying a minimalist, yet sophisticated interior. Her inspiration derived from the urban feel of New York. The black and yellow stripes were inspired by the cabs and the skyscrapers. Here is more from the press release we received: “First of all, the office needed to be divided in two spaces and to be transparent in order to get enough natural light. We chose an industrial curtain combined with a sticker from the identity logo to give the office a first touch of identity and urban style. In the first room you can see the incorporation of the black and yellow lines from the logo giving it an extra corporative touch. We opted for furniture from Uno Design by Javier Mariscal and the ecofriendly Eiffel, a recycled paper stool from the pretty new RS Barcelona. This combined with white office furniture and a white floor to create the urban and sophisticated touch. The corner lamp was created to give an extra industrial touch.” Enjoy the photos!