Halloween is one of those holidays that either you love it or you could do without it. For those who like the idea of decorating their home for the holiday, but not necessarily going all out with the black cauldrons and scary black cats, here are some ideas for your home. Instead of focusing on the dark side, how about ‘treating’ your home to fun ideas for your kids, playful decor for the young at heart, and using these inspiring tips to make your Halloween home a memorable one this year? Here are some ideas to get you started!

A subtle decor approach to Halloween:

If you’re taste for the holiday lends you to decorative harvest decor for your dining table, and warm interiors, consider ditching the black and orange and going for natural tones. Use white and green pumpkins, gourds, grapes, candles and neutral colors for your dining room table, fireplace mantle, and display areas. While Halloween for some means scary and dark interiors, lighten your Halloween night with a fun get-together with friends that welcomes trick-or-treaters to your door, or allows for an intimate gathering of close friends.

Pull out the spider webs:

If creepy spider webs, and flying bats are more your decorative style consider these helpful tips for your Halloween party:

Make furniture look old:

Use cotton or playful spider webs found at your local party store and stretch it over your furniture, picture frames, doorways, and anywhere throughout your interiors for an old, and abandoned haunted house interior!

Group specimens:

For a fun decorative party table, group apothecary jars with lids with fun ‘specimens’ – candy eyeballs, plastic spiders, gummy worms, and other scary tidbits for friends and family to sample throughout the holiday.

Create a spooky ambiance:

If you prefer a bubbling cauldron on your buffet table, use dry ice in old urns and be sure to wear gloves when handling. Use old candelabras with candles throughout your home, and dim the lights while you play sinister howls and screams in your Halloween get-together.

Black and white decor:

 If you love black and white throughout your home all-year round, Halloween is the perfect time to bring out monochromatic decorative pieces. Consider painting pumpkins black and white, spray paint silver accents such as urns, chargers to place under dinnerware, and string white lights around your home for a festive ambiance. For a dinner party, use black and white table settings, tablecloth, and a Halloween centerpiece made from playful black birds sitting in between branches in an old urn with gardener’s grass.  Halloween doesn’t have to scream of orange and black!

Halloween doesn’t have to be the traditional or it can be ALL about the traditional, isn’t that the fun of this holiday? Before we move into the holidays that are for seriousness, enjoy the holiday that embraces fun, creativity, and being a little of kilter in your home interiors. Try hosting a Halloween party with these creative ideas, or ditch the sinister ideas and love this autumn holiday. As the air turns crisp, and October ends, there is no better way to round out the month than decorating your home in these whimsical ideas. How will you decorate for Halloween? Will you go all out, or keep it subtle?