Not too long ago, we featured a post ( 30 Spectacular Infinity Pools That Will Rock Your Senses [Part One] ) with some of the most incredible infinity pools out there. We were amazed by the positive responses we got from you, so we figured we would reiterate the “success” with part two. We can not help but notice how hooked you guys have become on contemporary pools. This why for today we gathered 30 (more) of the most mind-blowing infinity pools that will certainly get your interest rising. The images below were shot in various countries around the globe, surprising unique moments. Even though swimming on the edge of a skyscraper’s roof may be different from diving into a pool that faces the sea, the experience is an unforgettable one (no matter what the location). But we have to know: which one do you find most thrilling? Or better yet, which one would you dive into right now?