Lake Residence was designed by studio Architekton and is a 3,500 square foot modern home located in Arizona, USA. According to the architects, “a modest budget and small site led to a very efficient stacked rectangular plan that negotiated the site’s 16’ differential between the street and lake. A hyper-programmed masonry “container” defines a courtyard at street level and slips through the house and dramatically cantilevers towards the lake. The resulting design yields a private low-scaled presence from the street side and a dramatic composition to the neighborhood lake, which becomes the actual “front yard.” The Lake Residence takes advantage of the north-south orientation with a protective “wrapper” that is opaque on the east and west elevations and provides deep solar shading on the south. When weather allows, the home’s main living space incorporates large sliding glass walls on both the north and south sides allowing for true indoor-outdoor living and taking advantage of the inherent evaporative cooling from the adjacent lake to the north and pool on the south.”. For more information regarding the project’s structure, check out the plans at the end of the post.