If you remember, we published a post a while back about Art Buzz Amsterdam and their portraits made from Twitter posts. Recently, their site gained a new feature: Facebook portraits. Here is the information we were sent from the developers of this application: “Now, as the first website in the world, Art Buzz Amsterdam gives Facebook users the opportunity to create a highly personalised artwork. Users log in with Facebook on the website and choose one of the five colors for the artwork.  The website than creates an online preview of a Facebook Portrait: a portrait that consists of a mash up of your profile picture and Facebook status updates, news-, friends- and wall messages. If these portraits were only available for purchase to inhabitants of the Netherlands, now social media users from around the world can obtain one. The portrait images can be bought as digital files, to get printed on canvas or poster at your local printer. Cool to hang on your wall and fun to read back the Facebook messages“. Find this idea appealing?