Modern entertainment seems to push the limits of design further than imagined. With this gazebo for a TV show, the creative minds from Za Bor Architects managed to overcome the traditional architectural boundaries in this field. Russian architects Arseniy Borisenko and Peter Zaytsev of Za Bor Architects designed and constructed this gazebo used in a television show called Dachniy Otvet, meaning The Village Talks, where designers and architects are invited to surprise volunteer clients with renovations. The outdoor kitchen was built for a yacht captain who lives near Moscow, in a suburban area. Made from a collection of 14 planes, each formed of larch white-tinted wood planks glued together, the gazebo has a nautical shape, inspired by the owner’s career choice. A black brick barbeque topped off with a black steel chimney is prepared for BBQs, while a modern white dining table seating 8-10 people welcomes guests. This project is sure to change the visual impact of the Russian village chosen for this experiment.