For most people, modern design arrangements are a must. Which is why this new contemporary Barbie doll-house should not really come as a surprise. This miniature eco project was developed by Miniio and impresses due to a tasteful approach. The house is structured on two floors and seems inspired from an IKEA catalog. As you can see, Barbie couldn’t be happier with her pendant lamps, low bed and open plan living room. And did you notice the outdoor terrace? We found this idea interesting, which is why we wanted to find out more about the people behind it. Miniio is in fact a project started by boys’ mums who still “dream about little pink dresses, silk ribbons, dressing up in ball gowns and playing with doll houses”. According to their official website, all the creations they develop are made by hand, using wood, stone, metal and other various safe materials. We are truly impressed with this miniature home and encourage the passion that made it possible.