The architects ot mode:lina have completed a creative apartment, especially designed for people visiting the Pozna? International Fair in Poland. The crib was officially called “Quotel” and merges the design of a themed hotel with the coziness of a private home. The overall approach on the apartment is minimalist. It features contemporary furniture arrangements and splashes of color that bring a cheerful touch. But the project’s originality consists of various messages written on the walls, some of which are quite interesting. The bedroom for example is marked with the following statement: “a good laugh and a long sleep are the best cures in the doctor’s book.” But our personal favorite is the question written on the wall that directs the viewer towards the kitchen and that seems to yell out “are you hungry?” All in all, we like this idea and are curious to see what you think of it as well. [Images by Marcin Ratajczak]